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It is the Stand-Up Comedy on being Baniya, who is also Engineer.

  YouTube Description...

In This new standup comedy video 2019, the comedian has shared the hilarious experience of his life being Baniya and they getting crazy to get admitted to IIT. He has beautifully done the comedy about his IIT coaching experience and the HC Verma Talks. It is a Funny Indian Stand Up Comedy Video 2019. This Stand Up Comedy Video in Hindi performed at Nojoto open mic IITM Gwalior. This Stand Up Comedy 2019 is surely stand up comedy video of in Hindi| Indian Stand up comedy on Baniya & Engineers Life. Do share this standup comedy ever video if you like this Stand up comedy Video| Stand up comedy on Engineers in Hindi | stand up comedy videos 2019 in Hindi | New stand up comedy 2019 | Funny stand up comedy 2019 in Hindi | Latest standup comedy of 2019 | Indian stand up comedian

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